Local Technical Assistance Program

NMLTAP — a Program that solves problems

The New Mexico Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center provides local and tribal agencies with a variety of adaptable tools—training events, technology transfer resources, and personalized on-site heavy equipment training—to improve their transportation operations. NM LTAP does not provide engineering services, but does offer proven solutions to many transportation problems.

What Services does NMLTAP Provide?

  • Information regarding transportation issues
  • Conduct Training based on local or tribal needs
    • Worker/Work Place Safety,
    • Workforce Development,
    • Highway Safety, and
    • Infrastructure Management
  • Assistance, referrals, or information through on-site, telephone, or email consultation

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or need additional information please contact the UNM NMLTAP center.

New Mexico LTAP Center
UNM NMLTAP resources and information