DWI Schools/DWI Awareness “None for the Road”

Jonathan Fernandez, DWI Schools and Facilitators Program Manager

DWI Schools

For those persons seeking to operate DWI schools, or serve as DWI facilitators for DWI programs offered in New Mexico, please click below on the ‘DWI Schools Information’ link.

For those persons mandated to take the 12 hour court-ordered New Mexico Traffic Safety Division DWI course, please click below on the ‘DWI Schools Information’ link to find a complete list of all approved DWI schools in New Mexico.

None for the Road DWI Awareness Program

If you are a first-time New Mexico licensee, aged 18 to 24, OR you are age 25 or above, AND have been convicted of DWI (DUI), you are required to take the “None for the Road” self-study DWI Awareness Class. Once you complete the None for the Road class, take your certificate of completion and other required identification to any MVD Field Office to apply for your license.