Government to Government (MPO and RTPO)

The Multimodal Planning and Programs Bureau’s Programs policies includes the Government to Government and Active Transportation Programs Teams.

Through these teams, the Unit coordinates local involvement in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP); manages the Transportation Alternatives, Recreational Trails, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement, Carbon Reduction, Bicycle/Pedestrian and Equestrian, Safe Routes to School, and Scenic Byways programs.

The Programs Unit and the Government to Government Team Unit administer contracts for seven RTPO and five MPOs, and work closely with NMDOT’s District Offices, STIP Unit, Design Regions and other Divisions as a planning resource and also to ensure compliance with state and federal planning requirements.

Shannon Glendenning, AICP, Unit Supervisor

Government to Government Team planning staff serve as liaisons to New Mexico's Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs).


Section 112 of the Federal Highway Act of 1973 and subsequent federal transportation legislation require that Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) conduct comprehensive transportation planning for metropolitan areas with populations of 50,000 or more. Federal law requires MPOs to develop Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) and long-range transportation plans. New Mexico has five MPOs:

  • Farmington (FMPO)
  • Santa Fe (SFMPO)
  • Mid-Region (Albuquerque area, MRMPO)
  • Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces, MVMPO)
  • El Paso MPO (EPMPO) spans the New Mexico/Texas border to cover portions of southern Doña Ana and Otero counties; as such, NMDOT coordinates with EPMPO for activities in this region.


Regional Transportation Planning Organizations are state-designated entities that orchestrate non-metropolitan transportation planning, covering regions outside of MPO boundaries. New Mexico has seven RTPOs:

Each RTPO is comprised of a joint Policy Committee and a Technical Committee. RTPO Policy Committee members represent the governmental entities that comprise the RTPO and are authorized to make decisions on their behalf. Technical Committee members are professional staff who provide technical expertise to the transportation planning process.

Shannon Glendenning, Programs Unit Supervisor, MPO/RTPO Liaison
(Farmington MPO, Santa Fe MPO, Northeast RTPO, and Northern Pueblos RTPO)

Sullivan Moore, Urban & Regional Planner, MPO/RTPO Liaison
(Mid-Region MPO, Mid Region RTPO, and Northwest RTPO)

Valerie Sherman, Urban & Regional Planner, MPO/RTPO Liaison
(Mesilla Valley MPO, El Paso MPO, Southwest, South Central, and Southeast RTPOs)