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NMDOT Legal Division

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is divided into three practice areas. Contact information for each group is listed below.

OGC Front Desk

Physical Address
1120 Cerrillos Road, Room 123
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149

Mailing Address
PO Box 1149
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149


Steve Hamilton, General Counsel

June Leyba, Business Support Manager

Librada Valdez, Legal Secretary

Teya Martinez, Legal Secretary

Operations and Finance

The Operations and Finance Practice Group addresses legal and management issues related to the NMDOT’s construction and maintenance operations, including: construction law; water rights; state and federal program environmental and funding compliance; and contractor eligibility matters.

Elizabeth Travis, Deputy General Counsel

Ken Swain, Assistant General Counsel

Greg Cole, Assistant General Counsel

Samantha Baca, Paralegal

Administration, Contracts & Employment

The Administration, Contracts and Employment Practice Group provides legal counsel and representation in matters of administrative/operations support, including policy development, rulemaking, regulatory enforcement, intra- & inter-governmental agreements, contracts and procurement, grant administration, employment and labor law, civil rights, garnishments, damage claims, IPRA and torts.

Aaron Frankland, Deputy General Counsel

John Newell, Assistant General Counsel

Kara Kupper, Assistant General Counsel

Vacant, Assistant General Counsel

Renee Montoya, Paralegal

Right-of-Way Practice Group

The Right of Way Practice Group assists in the acquisition of land needed to improve and widen highways, including negotiating with adjacent property owners and filing condemnation cases, when needed.  This group also advises NMDOT management on various other right-of-way issues, including the use of NMDOT rights-of-way for access, utilities, broadband deployment, and highway beautification.

Sean Fitting, Deputy General Counsel

Samuel Ottley, Assistant General Counsel

Deborah DeMack, Assistant General Counsel

Diana Luna, Paralegal

Records and Information Management

Records Custodian

IPRA Requests