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Public Involvement Portal and ToolBox

What is meaningful public involvement? Why is it important? How do we build capacity for it?

The purpose of the Public Involvement Portal is to provide resources for practitioners working on transportation plans, projects, and programs to develop outreach strategies and effectively engage a broad representation of community members. The communication guidance and templates shared within our Public Involvement Portal should be used as appropriate. The public engagement approaches and tools developed will depend on a project’s type, complexity, context, and the level of involvement required. The most effective public engagement considers the project’s objectives, phase of development, and the targeted audiences’ needs. No single method will be effective in communicating with all parties. A combination of approaches may be needed to effectively engage the broad range of stakeholders and the public. Before developing public involvement materials for NMDOT, consult with NMDOT’s NEPA environmental and public engagement staff to determine the best communication strategies and tools to use.

S-Curves public meeting in Nov 2023


Throughout the guidance documents, you will see these words intentionally used interchangeably. NEPA identifies Public Involvement as the necessary process to include the community in project planning. In modern practice, however, practitioners have adopted Public Engagement as the new standard language. This is because engagement implies active, meaningful, and ongoing participation as opposed to more passive project involvement or outreach.


Jennifer Mullins, NEPA Public Engagement Specialist


Public Involvement ToolBox

NMDOT Guidance and Other Resources

Below are NMDOT guidance documents for engagement and branding to assist with the preparation of materials plus links to USDOT/FHWA resources.


Includes templates to assist in development of outreach materials.


Includes logos for NMDOT and FHWA.


Includes information on training opportunities and training resources as they become available.

NMDOT Guidance and Other Resources

Please reference the NMDOT guidance documents for engagement and branding to assist with the preparation of materials plus explore resources available at the USDOT/FHWA links provided.

NMDOT Guide to Public Involvement, 2022
(This document applies to projects in the study/design development phase)

    NMDOT Public Involvement Plan, 2018
    (This document applies to the planning phase and can be found on the Planning Division webpage)


      This section includes templates with instructions to assist in the development of outreach and meeting materials.  The proofs of the concept templates are available as PDFs and the editable templates are available as PowerPoint files.  Please also refer to the NMDOT Public Engagement Material Guide and Public Engagement Brand Guide provided in the section above.


      In this section, logos to use in materials are available for NMDOT and FHWA.

      New Mexico Department of Transportation Logos

      Federal Highway Administration Logos


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