The Transit Bureau at NMDOT

  • Manages the NMDOT Park and Ride intercity bus service.
  • Administers federal transit grant funding and programs, and provides technical and coordination assistance to public and private non-profit public transit systems.
  • Administers federal transit grants used by the state’s larger municipalities for public transit-related programs.
  • Administers federal transit planning grants to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (Metropolitan Planning Program – Section 5303) and Statewide (Section 5304).
  • Administers flexible Federal Highway Administration funds used for transit purposes.
  • Assists local governments to establish Regional Transit Districts (RTDs) and then assists the RTDs to plan, coordinate and implement service.

Kevin Olinger, Transit Bureau Chief

Deborah Bach, Rural Transit Programs Manager

Gabrielle Chavez, Transit Planning and Service Coordination Manager

Transit Provider Resources

Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plans

State Management Plan

Vehicle Procurement

Non-discrimination, ADA and Title VI Information

Federal Transit Administration Legislation, Regulations and Guidance

Transit Asset Management

Transit Grant Application Resources

Application Guide

Regional Prioritization Evaluation Measures/Criteria

FY 2024 Application Notice of Letter of Intent

Transit Provider Contacts