Bicycle, Pedestrian and Equestrian Coordinator

The Bicycle, Pedestrian and Equestrian (BPE) Coordinator serves as a resource for NMDOT staff on BPE-related issues.

The Coordinator also provides residents and visitors with information on cycling through New Mexico.

The Prioritized Statewide Bicycle Network Plan (NM Bike Plan), adopted by NMDOT in December 2018, is a long-range infrastructure plan that identifies which NMDOT owned and maintained roadways are desirable for bicycle infrastructure investment through the establishment of a statewide priority network, as called for in the New Mexico 2040 Plan. The plan provides design guidelines to inform the implementation of bikeways along the priority network during major roadway rehabilitation or reconstruction. The NM Bike Plan and Appendix is available to view/download as a PDF from the related links below.

The NMDOT Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) provides NMDOT strategic actions for how to make pedestrians safer in New Mexico. The actions include process, infrastructure, and educational recommendations. The project team developed the actions based on internal input, public and external stakeholder involvement, as well as national best practices. NMDOT started the planning process in late 2019 and completed it in summer 2021.

Samuel Jensen, Bicycle/Pedestrian/Equestrian Coordinator


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