The Utilities Section mission is to uphold agreements, policies and forms utilized by the NMDOT to oversee and accommodate utilities on highway right of ways.

Richard Pena, State Utility Engineer

Vacant, Utility Section Manager

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Rm 207/208
Santa Fe, NM 87504

District 1

Freddie Chavez, Acting Utility Coordinator

District 2

Bobby Salazar, Acting Utility Coordinator

District 3

Bobby Salazar, Utility Coordinator

District 4

Curtis Salazar, Acting Utility Coordinator

District 5

Curtis Salazar, Utility Coordinator

District 6

Freddie Chavez, Utility Coordinator 

State-wide Tribal / Local Gov’t Utility Coordinator

Michael E Martinez, Tribal / Local Gov’t Utility Coordinator

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Utility Revegetation

Restoration of the highway right-of-way disturbed by excavations or grading work performed by the facility owner shall include revegetation as specified in the NMDOT Standard Specifications for Highway and Bridge Construction Section 632 ‘Seeding’. This work shall consist of reseeding all areas which are denuded of vegetation during the facility’s construction operations. The reseeding work by the facility owner will be subject to prior approval, inspection and acceptance by the NMDOT district permitting agent or staff. The permitting agent duties shall include but not be limited to: pre-approval of submittal for seeding, pre-seeding meeting, inspections, and acceptance. NMDOT permit agents shall be certified in Section 632 Seeding as per NMDOT training. To reduce maintenance from erosion caused by unprotected soils and the spread of noxious weeds harmful to New Mexico agriculture, areas disturbed by utility work which are larger than .25 acre in size shall follow standard Class A and Class C seeding requirements as per Section 632 ’Seeding’. Areas .25 acre in size or smaller with no minimum square footage shall follow Section 632 ‘Seeding’ requirements for Modified Class A treatment with the following minimum operations: (1) After trenches are backfilled and compacted, soil is to be regraded to establish grades matching adjacent grades. (2) Bare areas are to have NMDOT seed mix for the region evenly applied at twice the normal rate into the top 1/2” of disturbed area so that no seed is exposed when complete. (3) Fertilizer as per 632.2.3 shall be evenly applied as the same time as the seed.

The contractor shall provide the following for revegetation submittal:

  1. Map or image of area to be reseeded that includes the class of seeding that will be applied and the size of each seeding area.
  2. List of materials and quantities that will be used for each class of seeding according to the materials calculator table below. All materials must appear on the NMDOT approved products list.