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The Right of Way Bureau is responsible for acquiring and managing all property for the NMDOT to allow for the construction and maintenance of projects.

We identify property owners, provide title reports, appraise affected properties, review the appraisals, and negotiate and acquire these properties in a compassionate and cost-effective manner.

John Murphy, Bureau Chief

Operations Section

Angela Sandoval, Operations Section Manager

Acquisition Unit

Jeff Valdez, Acquisition Unit Supervisor
The Acquisition Unit acquires real estate needed for road construction projects involving private land owners, commercial business owners and local municipalities.

Lands Abstracting Unit

Adrianne Montoya, Lands Abstracting Unit Supervisor
The Lands Abstracting Unit creates title reports determining ownership of land to be used for Right of Way with requirements necessary to vest title into the Department of Transportation for the state of New Mexico free and clear of any encumbrances.  This includes oversight of consultant project reports needed for Right of Way.

Specialty Unit

Lee Cabeza de Vaca, Relocation/Specialty Unit Supervisor
The Relocation/Specialty Unit addresses Right of Way functions involving Tribal/Local Government, Relocation Assistance, Water Rights, Federal and State Government lands.

Valuation Section

Ricky Mok, Valuation Section Manager
The Valuation Section is responsible for the evaluation and valuation of real property subject to acquisition or disposition by the Department.  The Section is comprised of two units:

Appraisal Unit

Susan Baca, Appraisal Unit Supervisor
The Appraisal Unit provides fair market value estimates of real property and conducts other studies and or performs other valuation tasks that will support the Department’s mission.

Appraisal Review Unit

Dennis Bersosa, Appraisal Review Unit Supervisor
The Appraisal Review Unit reviews and evaluates appraisals to ensure quality and compliance to support the Department’s mission.

Property Management Unit

Jeremy Lujan, Property Management Unit Supervisor
Property management unit manages real property owned by NMDOT and is also responsible for sales, right of way use agreements, leases, encroachments, and other property transactions with respect to NMDOT right of way.

Budget and Audit Unit

Delia Sanchez, Budget and Audit Unit Supervisor

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