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Natural Resource, Cultural Resource, and Roadside and Community Design Sections within the Environmental Bureau work with stakeholders and the public to ensure that state highway and transportation projects provide lasting value for a community while also protecting and enhancing the environment and preserving cultural resources throughout the 200,000 acres of NMDOT rights-of-way

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Section of the Environmental Bureau works with stakeholders and government agencies to help ensure that projects conform to the National Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and other regulations. Staff members also help identify and mitigate negative impacts to environmental resources along and adjacent to the right-of-way, identify potential wildlife corridors, and expedite emergency responses to natural disasters such as flood or fire.

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Cultural Resources

The NMDOT Cultural Resources Section works to ensure that the historic fabric of New Mexico is maintained and appreciated by residents, visitors, and future generations. NMDOT’s team of historic preservation professionals works directly with New Mexico’s six transportation districts, federal and state agencies, tribal and local governments, and other interested parties to balance New Mexico’s transportation needs with protecting and preserving our state’s cultural heritage along and adjacent to the NMDOT highway system.

Roadside and Community Design

The Roadside and Community Design Section provides specifications and consulting on revegetation, erosion control, stormwater management, aesthetics, vegetation management, and public involvement for all transportation projects throughout NMDOT’s rights-of-way.  Section staff help shape transportation projects so that the end results reflect the values and unique character of the places where they are built while also protecting and enhancing the environment.

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Trent Botkin, Acting Environmental Bureau Manager

P.O. Box 1149
1120 Cerillos Rd., Room 205
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1149