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The North Regional Division provides project development, technical design, and design oversight for projects in District Four and District Five.

Working alongside NMDOT General Office and FHWA personnel, the North Region Division advances NMDOT projects through both internal design efforts and consultant oversight.  The North Region Division is also provides oversight on local agency projects that use federal funding for design and construction activities.  The North Region Division is based out of the Santa Fe NMDOT General Office and is comprised of professional engineers, technicians, and administrative support staff.

Manuelito Maestas, P.E. North Regional Manager

Dana Garcia, P.E. North Regional Assistant Manager

Marcus Ramos-Silva, Region Administrator

Estevan Gonzales, P.E. Project Development Engineer

Sarah Anderson, P.E. Project Development Engineer

1120 Cerrillos Rd. Rm 203
Santa Fe, NM 87504

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