NMDOT Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) Resource Files

Andrew Pena, CADD Support Supervisor

The New Mexico Department of Transportation is currently using both 2018 and 2021 versions of Autodesk Civil 3D. Drawing templates, and other support files, for both versions are provided below.

We will eventually phase out version 2018 once any projects surveyed with this older version are through the development and construction phases.

It is recommended that the version used for project development match the version used for the project survey. Be aware that Autodesk Civil 3D objects are not backwards compatible between versions.

This information is provided by the NMDOT and is intended for use by our Engineering Consultants and/or their subcontractors. All downloadable files contained herein are based on imperial units.

Although NMDOT makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its work, it cannot guarantee that the files provided here are free of errors. NMDOT accepts no responsibility for any adverse consequences as a result of undetected errors.

Downloading Files
The easiest way to download each file is to “right click” on the link and chose the option “Save Target As…” This option lets you save files directly to your own drive without opening them first.

If you would like to be notified when new Civil 3D templates or the CADD Standards Manual are updated and available for download, please send an email with your contact information to:


The contact information received by the NMDOT CADD Committee will be used for the sole purpose of providing updates with regards to the CADD Standards. This includes but is not limited to Templates, Linetypes, and Manuals.

2021 CADD Standards Video

Manuals Updated 3/25/2021

NMDOT Design Manual Chapters NMDOT Design Manual Individual Chapters (Project Development)

Autodesk Civil 3D (2022 version) - Updated 06/01/2022

Autodesk Civil 3D (2021 version) - Updated 01/28/2022