State Materials Bureau

The State Materials Bureau consists of four functionary groups:

the Materials Testing Laboratory, the Geotechnical Section, and the Pavement Exploration Section.  The Materials Testing Laboratory provides all technical support regarding the design, use, application, evaluation and research associated with all construction materials.  The Geotechnical Section provides testing and design of the geologic soils and bedrock formations to insure stability of the roadway facility.  The Pavement Exploration Section provides testing and sampling of pavement structures including coring, soil sampling, deflection testing and friction testing.

Armando Armendariz, State Materials Director

Kelly Montoya, P.E., State Asphalt Engineer

Sean Brady, P.E., State Concrete Engineer

Vacant, State Geotechnical Engineer
Please contact Armando M. Armendariz P.E.

Ben Martinez, Pavement Field Exploration

Jane Knutson, Administrator