Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

What is ITS?

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) is the use of advanced communications technologies and data collection techniques to improve transportation safety and mobility in order to enhance the productivity of our transportation infrastructure.

Why ITS & Why Now?

We can no longer solve today’s transportation problems using yesterday’s solutions. The strategy of acquiring more space and building more roads is no longer seen to be the preferred option, and is fast becoming non-feasible and cost-prohibitive. Through the deployment of and communications with various devices along our highways and streets, intelligent transportation systems are designed to enable us to better use our existing transportation network.

Charles Remkes, ITS Manager

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What benefits do ITS bring to New Mexico?

ITS allows the public to be informed with real-time traffic information and the status of road conditions. Knowing both gives the motoring public options when making their travel plans before beginning a trip or selecting their routes while underway.

ITS improves transportation safety for residents, visitors and travelers, through reducing weather-related traffic incidents and minimizing response-time for incidents and clearance time for accidents. Retrieving information from key locations during seasonal storms allows drivers to avoid hazardous driving conditions or alter their driving plans to accommodate a safer drive. Reducing response and clearance times associated with incidents also reduces the risks for secondary incidents. For every minute that an accident remains on a roadway, the percentage of a secondary accident occurring increases by 3 percent.

ITS enhances mobility by improving access to alternative modes of transportation, improving traffic progression with signal coordination along streets and coordinating flow between adjacent and intersecting corridors. By avoiding conflicts, all traffic, transit included, has increased mobility.

ITS improves the efficiency of the existing transportation network by managing transportation demand, identifying underutilized alternative routes, and improving traffic management during road construction and special events.

ITS is integral in providing a transportation system that supports economic development by improving tourist access and convenience, by promoting intermodal connectivity and multi-modal coordination, by creating linkages throughout the state, region and nation, by better accommodating the movement of materials and goods both within and through the state, and by reducing congestion. The cost to productivity by congestion is estimated at $2000 per lane-mile for each minute of delay.

ITS works to enhance New Mexico’s special environment, preserve community values and reduce energy consumption. Reduced energy use and associated environmental degradation, along with a reduced number of vehicle miles travelled, directly help to reduce air pollution. Environmental benefits are also realized with improved access to multimodal travel – promoting an environmentally friendly, safe, flexible and comfortable transportation option.

ITS promotes responsible agency stewardship of public funds through the coordination of activities among local and regional stakeholders. This ensures the best return on investment, especially when improvements occur through multiple jurisdictions.

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