District 1

The District Engineer administers, coordinates, and generally supervises the direct work forces engaged in highway and bridge maintenance:

and, directs project inspection of contractors’ work for compliance with plans, specifications, and contract documents. He assures compliance by department personnel, and contractors, with policies and procedures of the Federal Highway Administration on projects involving federal aid funds. He prepares preliminary maintenance programs for the district and directs their execution.

The District Engineer maintains liaison with directors and division heads of the General Office, with Federal Highway Administration officials, elected officials, numerous agencies and with the general public on all matters affecting the state highway system within Socorro, Catron, Grant, Sierra, Dona Ana, Luna, and Hidalgo counties.

District 1 Engineer
Trent Doolittle, P.E.

District 1 Administrator
Lugarda “LuLu” Lopez

Public Information Officer
Ami Evans

State Transportation District 1 Commissioner
Jennifer Sandoval

District One Office:
Physical/Mailing Address
2912 E. Pine St.
Deming, NM 88030

Switchboard: 575-494-3227

Toll Free: 1-800-444-0745

District 1 - Press Releases

Public Review

Weekly Traffic Report

Public Meeting

El Paso MPO Committee

Executive Committee (EC)
Please find attached the posted agenda announcing our public meeting for the Executive Committee to be held on July 16, 2021 at 9:00pm. Meeting will be conducted via Teleconference. For more information please call 915-212-0258 or emailmenriquez@elpasompo.org.

Transportation Project Advisory Committee (TPAC) 
Please find attached the posted agenda announcing our public meeting for the Transportation Project Advisory Committee to be held on August 4, 2021 at 1:30pm. Meeting will be conducted via Teleconference. For more information please call 915-212-0258 or email lpena@elpasompo.org.

Transportation Policy Comittee (TPB)
Please find attached the posted agenda announcing our public meeting for the Transportation Policy Board to be held on Friday July 23, 2021 at 9:00am. Meeting will be conducted via Teleconference. For more information go towww.elpasompo.gov.

District 1 - Business Management

Business Support provides daily support operations to ensure that the core public service providers have the necessary tools and resources. This section is focused on providing fiduciary oversight in budget, procurement, accounting services, radio room operations and information technology services. Additionally, they provide services in Buildings and Grounds, Fleet Maintenance Services, Safety Operations and Human Resources.

Adrian Apodaca, Business Manager

Melissa Torres, District Administrator

Vanessa Acosta, Human Resources

District 1 - Construction

The Assistant District Engineer for Construction is responsible for managing the District Construction Program.  This entails the delivery of high-quality transportation infrastructure improvement projects. The program consists of several groups including four project management teams, one material testing laboratory and one construction audit group.  Together, these groups participate in all aspects of project development, from design to construction.  The group’s expertise in construction is a valuable resource to ensure the Department maintains industry standards.  Road construction projects managed under this program are performed by independent contractors and are completed according to contract plans and specifications, by providing project inspection, materials testing, records auditing and contract payment for completed work.

Aaron Chavarria, P.E. Assistant District Engineer-Construction

Shelly May, Administrative Assistant

District 1 - Maintenance

The Assistant District Engineer for Maintenance is responsible for the management and oversight of 5,322 lane miles of roadway including 350 centerline miles of Interstate and the District Bridge Section. In addition, District One serves the public by providing 12 full service rest area sites, which including the Tourist Information Centers in Lordsburg and Anthony, NM.

The Maintenance Section are broken up into 14 Maintenance Patrols, Bridge CrewHeavy Maintenance Crew, Transporting Crew and is proud of its Chip Seal Crew. They were the recipients of the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2018 “Best Chip Sealing Award”.

Gene Paulk P.E., Assistant District Engineer-Maintenance

Shelly May, Administrative Assistant

District 1 - Engineering

Our section manages Highway Engineering related activities through three functional groups: Traffic Engineering, Technical Support and Surveying. Each respective section head is a New Mexico Licensed Professional Engineer. We provide Highway and Bridge Engineering support to the District Maintenance section, District Construction, District Design and local governments.

Harold Love, P.E., Engineer Support Manager

International Programs

District One in southwest New Mexico shares 3 international border crossings with the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.  The Office of International Programs establishes an active role in transportation planning along the New Mexico-Chihuahua border affecting cross-border mobility and economic development. We collaborate with multiple U.S. & Mexican government agencies (federal, state and municipal) as well as private entities to assure the safe and efficient movement of trade and traffic within the Border region.

Homerio Bernal, International Programs Planner