The LCP review process confirms that prime and subcontractors are complying with Federal labor requirements on Federal-aid projects.

The OEOP ensures that all applicable laws and regulations are obeyed and all required inspections and investigations are made.

LCPtracker Labor Compliance Software
The LCPtracker service is a paperless, online system of entering Certified Payroll Reports.  Payroll data may be entered directly into the system or uploaded from major construction accounting and payroll programs.  The service eliminates the need for contractors to submit paper prevailing wage documents and forms while providing an online database of all certified payroll reports.  The service also generates audits, logs and correspondence.

Labor Compliance/LCPtracker

Districts 1 & 2, Joshua Abeyta

Districts 3 & 6, Stephanie Gonzales

Districts 4 & 5, Anthony Chavez