Condition Analysis Reporting

As available funding is limited, NMDOT must make calculated decisions as to which specific projects to select and where to distribute funds in a way that is objective, effective, and meets the needs of all the transportation system’s users.

The project evaluation process allows for objective rankings of proposed projects and enables NMDOT to evaluate the extent to which individual projects address a range of NMDOT goals, needs, and priorities. This evaluation process can be understood as part of larger efforts to ensure data-driven decision-making.

Ultimately, this project evaluation process helps to further the state’s Transportation Asset Management (TAM) efforts, which utilizes business, economic, and engineering practices to help guide data-driven decisions for resource allocation and project evaluation. NMDOT’s asset management strategies are based on high-level policies for emphasizing preservation and ensuring minimum standards based on different tiers of the transportation network, as well as the goals and objectives of state and local agencies. Available funds are allocated based on review of objective data about asset condition at both the network and asset-specific levels.  This Bureau is responsible for coordinating with each district to complete the Conditions Analysis Report which is part of the project evaluation process in order to identify projects for the Capital Investment Plan.

Phillip Montoya, Asset Management Bureau Chief

Alicia Maez, Management Analyst – Advanced

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