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The Capital Program and Investments Division provides the expertise and resources to develop a Capital Investment Plan based on optimizing performance of the transportation system which identifies the most beneficial projects to execute with the anticipated revenues.

Implementation of a Transportation Asset Management Program (TAMP) within the New Mexico Department of Transportation to maximize use of limited public resources and maintain the state’s transportation infrastructure in the best possible condition is a key component of the Capital Investment Plan. The Transportation Asset Management Plan is a mid-term plan that addresses how the NMDOT will improve or preserve the condition of the assets and the performance of the National Highway System. All projects in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) are consistent with the goals of the Transportation Asset Management Plan.

The Capital Program and Investments Division is responsible for managing and coordinating federal grants such as the USDOT BUILD and INFRA Grants.

Denise Peralta, P.E., Capital Program and Investments Division Manager


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