U.S. Highway 60 Socorro Alignment Study

Milepost 136.2 to 139 in Socorro

NMDOT Control No. 1102050

US 60 in Socorro, 4-lane section west of town



The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is conducting the U.S. Highway 60 (U.S. 60) Socorro Alignment Study. The study area is located about 75 miles south of Albuquerque in the Town of Socorro, New Mexico. U.S. 60 is an east-west United States highway spanning 2,655 miles across nine states. This study will focus on a section of this highway between mileposts 136.2 and 139.0.

This portion of U.S. 60 transitions from a rural highway into a population center, which contributes to the complexity of analysis and design required for this study. Community centers, residences, schools, and local businesses all occupy the same short stretch of highway used by both local traffic and road trippers. Changes in speed, lanes, and driveway density prevent a uniform design and as such require a context-sensitive design to convey both local and through traffic safely.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the condition of roadway, traffic, and drainage and assess the features against current standards to determine whether improvements are needed to enhance safety, operations, and multimodal accessibility in the study area.


Funding for the study phase currently includes state funds through House Bill 2-2021 Legislative Session (HB2-21) under Control Number 1102050.

US 60 Study Area Limits

Study Area Map (click on image to enlarge).




District 1

STIP Number


Study and Design


Sherri Holliefield, PE
South Region Design Manager
(575) 202-6594



As part of the Phase A study process, the team has been collecting data on the existing conditions for the roadway, right-of-way, existing bridge, geotechnical, drainage, utilities, safety, traffic, land
use, environmental, cultural and biological resources, and socioeconomic conditions that will influence the need for improvements and the identification and evaluation of proposed alternatives.

US 60 Rural Segment

WEST - RURAL SEGMENT (Milepost 135.5 to 138.1)

Within the RURAL SEGMENT of U.S. 60 on the west side of town from the Mantanza Arroyo to the BNSF Railroad crossing, U.S. 60 is a rural two-lane undivided roadway with varying shoulder widths.  There is no lighting and more than 19 driveways within a 1.4-mile section.  The posted speed limit ranges from 35 to 55 miles per hour.  The pavement is this segment is in fair to poor condition.

South Urban Segment of US 60

SOUTH - URBAN SEGMENT (Milepost 138.1 to 138.4)

The SOUTH URBAN SEGMENT between the BNSF railroad crossing and the “Y” intersection at 6th and Grants Street U.S. 60 is an urban 4-lane roadway with 12-ft travel lanes, 6-ft shoulders, a raised median, and limited lighting within a 0.65-mile section.  The posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour.  There is some on-street parking. Sidewalks are intermittent and not ADA-compliant.  There are no bike lanes and no bus stops.  Pavement conditions are fair.

east urban segment - us60

EAST - URBAN SEGMENT (Milepost 138.4 to 139.0)

The EAST URBAN SEGMENT between the “Y” intersection and California Street consists of a 4-lane undivided roadway with 12-ft travel lanes, 6-ft shoulders, and limited lighting within a 0.5-mile section.  The posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour.  There is some on-street parking. Sidewalks are intermittent and are not ADA-compliant.  There are no bike lanes and no bus stops.  Pavement conditions are fair.


JOIN US for a Public Involvement Meeting!

The study team has been documenting the existing conditions and developing improvement alternatives for the corridor. The purpose of this meeting is to go over the conditions identified and the alternatives developed by the team and to receive your input.


October 11, 2023 starting at 6:00 PM (MTD)
Socorro Convention Center
1220 US 60
Socorro, NM 87801

Watch the recorded presentation (TO BE POSTED SOON).


Share your comment during the public meeting or submit before November 10, 2023.

U.S. 60 Socorro Alignment Study

Study Timeline


Summer/Winter 2022

• Establish the need for improvements


Fall 2022

• Stakeholder Meeting – September 1, 2022


Spring/Summer/Fall 2023

• Evaluate improvement alternatives
• Prepare draft Alignment Study document


Summer 2023

• Stakeholder Meeting – July 19, 2023


Fall 2023

• Public Meeting – October 2023
• Review alternative(s) under consideration


Winter 2024

• Public Meeting – January 2024
• Identify recommended alternative(s)


Spring 2024

• Select preferred alternative(s)
• Completion of U.S. 60 Socorro Alignment Study