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and the Winners are…

The New Mexico Department of Transportation announced a snowplow name contest! We are invited the public to help name a round of six snowplows – one for each NMDOT district.

Thank you very much to everyone that submitted a name in our first ever name a snowplow contest! We received over 1,500 submissions and over 23,000 votes!

Voting has concluded! 

2024 Winners

Sleetwood Mac (District 1)
Snowplowpilla (District 1)

Billy the Skid (District 2)
That’s All Slick (District 2)

Better Call Salt (District 3)
Darth Blader (District 3)

EE, I Snow, huh? (District 4)
Walter Whiteout (District 4)

Snowzobra (District 5)
Bisc-Snow-Chito (District 5)

Ctrl-Salt-Delete (District 6)
Mr. Snow It All  (District 6)

We depend on our fleet to serve our communities and make the roads safer for the traveling public and we are excited to give our trucks some awesome names! Look for these snowplow trucks across the state of NM, plowing snow, dropping salt, and ensuring safe roadways for the traveling public.

Don’t forget, Don’t crowd the plow!

THANK YOU to our Amazing residents for the most creative and fun names and for voting in this fun and engaging campaign!