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IT Division Notification

The email address suffix change has been completed.

If you experience any issues regarding the email change, please contact the HelpDesk or your District IT support.  Thank you for your patience!

(Note: 30 other State agencies’ email addresses were also modified (ALTSD, BON, CD, CYFD, DCA, DFA, DGF, DHSEM, DOH, DOT, DPS, DVR, DVS, DWS, ECECD, EDD, ENV, ERB, GCB, GSD, NMLB, NMSA, OSE, PED, PERA, RHCA, SIC, SPO, SRCA, STO, and TAX (formerly TRD)))

From: …@state.nm.us
To: …@dot.nm.gov

NOTE: messages sent to your previous @state.nm.us email address will be forwarded to your new @dot.nm.gov address for the foreseeable future.

All NMDOT Employees
Email address changes
Part of the State of New Mexico’s Digital Workspace endeavor
Completing by Monday, 03OCT22.
(505) 827-5301

Important additional info below!

Email – [Minimal impact]

You will not lose data. Existing email messages, calendar events, etc. will be preserved. The Global Address Book will update to reflect the new addresses.


  • Please follow the following procedures to connect your new email address.
    • Sign out of Outlook;  in Outlook, go to ‘File‘ > ‘Office Account‘ (towards the bottom left) > Sign out (this will sign you out of all Office Apps)
    • Sign in with your new account; Click on ‘Sign in‘ and enter your new @dot.nm.gov email account, you will be asked to enter your password, then will be prompted to authenticate with the method you previously set up.
    • *Don’t forget to update your email Signature or Stationary with your new email address

Email How to? Tips

OneDrive – [Minimal impact]

(Most NMDOT employees are not using OneDrive, please disregard if you don’t use it) No data loss, but if you utilize OneDrive, you will need to exit the Desktop app, then relaunch it.  You will also have to take action to reestablish Recent file links within local applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as files that have been shared with other users.

Cellphone – [Moderate impact]

The easiest thing to do is to delete your email account and remove the Teams app, then reestablish those accounts.

  • Native mail apps on Android and Apple devices will not be supported, you will need to download the Official Outlook app for Android or Apple.
  • Teams, you will need to remove/delete then reinstall the Teams app

DocuSign – [Moderate impact]

Moderate impact, after the change, log in to DocuSign with your old email address, you will then be prompted that your email address has changed, you will be prompted to log in with your new email address, please do so.  Envelope senders will need to clear their contact lists within DocuSign to avoid sending documents to old addresses. (Please click this link for more info regarding DocuSign)

Adobe Acrobat – [Minimal impact]

Minimal impact, in most cases, you will automatically be signed in with your new account, check by clicking on ‘Help’ > look for ‘Sign out’ (if your new email address is showing as logged in, don’t sign out, you are all set) click ‘Sign out’. Acrobat will sign you out and will automatically close, launch Acrobat again, you’ll be prompted to sign in, enter your new email address, and password, if prompted, select ‘Company’ account.

Teams – [Minimal impact]

You’ll need to sign out of Teams, then sign back in with your new email address.  Click on your account picture, then click on ‘Sign out’, Teams will close and show a Welcome screen, click on “Use another account or sign up” (towards the bottom of that screen) enter your @dot.nm.gov email address to continue

Adobe Creative Cloud – [No impact]

No impact, if you are a Creative Cloud user, continue to use your @state.nm.us address selecting ‘Personal’ account.

LinkedIn Learning – [Minimal impact]

We’re working on a solution that will cause minimal impact.

Kiteworks – [Minimal impact]

Minimal impact, you will be able to sign in with your new email address.

Autodesk Civil 3D – [Moderate impact]

We’re working on a solution that will cause minimal impact.

VPN – [No impact]

No impact, continue to sign on normally

Guacamole – [No impact]

No impact, continue to sign on normally

FTP/SFTP – [No impact]

No impact, continue to sign on normally