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CAMP is a statewide Drainage Design Bureau (DDB) initiative to inventory and assess the location, size, and condition of NMDOT’s culvert assets.

The NMDOT Culvert Asset Management Program (CAMP) is an ongoing statewide project. The on-going CAMP data collection follows the CAMP Culvert Inventory Handbook. NMDOT CAMP assessment is an initial end-of-pipe condition inspection.  

CAMP assigns minor drainage structures a CulvertID. Design Directive IDD-2023-05 ensures consistency in the development of all projects to be let by NMDOT in relation to the Departments CAMP. Project Special Provision SP 802-A CAMP Data Deliverable requires a re-assessment of CAMP data as part of Project As-Built package. 

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CAMP Data Request

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CAMP data is intended for planning and/or scoping purposes only. CAMP data should be verified by survey prior to construction. Contact the CAMP team at regarding any difference from CAMP database features compared to material, dimension, and/or number of culverts found in the field.

Milepoint Disclaimer: CAMP points are referenced to a GIS mileage, or milepoint, which is assigned using NMDOT’s GIS Linear Referencing System (LRS). This measurement is referred to as the “milepoint”. Note that the NMDOT LRS Milepoint is the GIS as-driven mileage at that location. Due to re-alignment of a highway over the course of its service life, the location of the mile marker signs may not coincide with the LRS milepoint.


CAMP Schema

Download the latest CAMP schema, unzip, and save the folder titled “To_Collector” to your local server. Connect to this folder which contains “CAMPSchema.gdb” to your GIS map. You can also contact the DDB Drainage Lead, your Project Manager, and/or the NM DOT Project Design Engineer (PDE) to request the latest.

CAMP data collection should follow the CAMP Attribute Rules.

Note: Obtain the latest revision of the Department’s CAMP schema (an *.xml file) prior to the CAMP Data Collection.

CAMP Culvert ID Grid

  1. CAMP CulvertID Grid ArcGIS Online Web App” is an interactive map. A user can quickly search this map with a location with latitude and longitude coordinates.
    CAMP Culvert ID Grid ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Web App
  2. CAMP Culvert ID Grid ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Layer
    Point to View In: Click link Map Viewer to open the CAMP Culvert ID Grid in AGOL.

    CAMP Culvert ID Grid ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Layer (.zip)
  3. CAMP Culvert ID Grid Feature Class
    Download the file, unzip, and add this file geodatabase (FGDB) to a GIS map.

    CAMP Culvert ID Grid Feature Class (.zip)
  4. CAMP Culvert ID Google Earth File
    Download the file, unzip, and add it to a Google Earth map.

    CAMP Culvert ID Google Earth File

CAMP Handbook

For information and details on evaluating Culverts, please reference the latest CAMP Culvert Identification Handbook below.

2024 CAMP Handbook.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NMDOT’s requirements for CAMP?

  • The Department requires drainage structures to be named in accordance with guidance provided in IDD-2023-05.
  • The Department may require Construction Contractors, per project specific special provision SP 802-A CAMP DATA DELIVERABLE, to collect CAMP data using the CAMP Collection Field Map application. CAMP data collected using the CAMP Collection Field Map application is automatically uploaded to NMDOT’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) CAMP Map. Contact the DDB for steps to access the Department’s CAMP Collection Field Map application.