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As NMDOT continues implementation of the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) and Transportation Performance Management, NMDOT Pavement Management and Design will be utilized more and more to support the state’s long term plans and vision.

NMDOT Pavement Management & Design performs the following activities:

  • Assesses and reports both current and future pavement conditions according to State and FHWA performance measures (23 CFR 490);
  • Estimates funding needs to achieve target roadway condition levels;
  • Identifies pavement preservation, rehabilitation and reconstruction recommendations that optimize the use of available funding, with primary focus on reuse and recycling treatments;
  • Evaluates and illustrates the impact of different investment levels and treatment strategies to both short- and long-term pavement conditions; and,
  • Evaluates the long-term impacts of changes in materials properties, construction practices and specifications, and design procedures on pavement performance.

Information Available Upon Request:

  • NMDOT’s methodology and procedures for collecting pavement roughness, rutting and distress data
  • How pavement roughness, rutting and distress data are used to calculate pavement performance indexes of roadway sections

Hashem Faidi, Acting Pavement Management & Design Manager

Vacant, Pavement Design Engineer