Up to $200K Per Award Available to Support New Local Programs

Santa Fe, NM – The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is launching a new grant program to support the development and implementation of local beautification programs. Local governments will be eligible to receive up to $200K per award, and the funding will support 15 to 20 total awardees in the inaugural year.

For additional Information local entities can attend the Que Linda Beautification Grant Overview Webinar

July 15, 2024, from 11 a.m. – Noon

https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0ufuyqpz0oH9Q99BvclazfvlidSHBXirlX to register

Awardees will receive a year of funding for a coordinator position and supportive budget expenses. The coordinator will be responsible for designing and implementing a local beautification program. The programs must be designed following the NMDOT Que Linda beautification toolkit, which outlines 11 types of beautification initiatives that are eligible for the funding. Grant awardees will receive 100% of the funding following the execution of the grant agreement and submission of their plan, as it relates to the program goals.

“The goal of the program is to increase litter pickup in every community, as well as build a culture throughout our state that eliminates littering,” said Ricky Serna, Cabinet Secretary.  “Litter across New Mexico’s road is hiding the natural beauty of our state and we all can do better.”

New Mexico municipalities, counties, Tribal, and entities of Government in good standing with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department may apply for the funding.  

Applicants will need to build their program around the categories of beautification initiatives in the Que Linda Toolkit, which include: 

  • Student Service Learning 
  • Litter Abatement Alternatives to Penalty Fines 
  • Use of Corrections Contractors 
  • County Inmate Litter Abatement Program 
  • Elementary Anti-Litter Education Campaign 
  • Business Corridor Adoption Program
  • Reporting Illegal Trash Dumping Hotline
  • Secure Loads Establishment and Enforcement 
  • Establish Free Weekend Events at Collection Centers
  • Neighbor Rates at Collection Centers 
  • Community Trash Pick-up Events  

NMDOT will provide technical assistance and resources to help get the local program started. Amy Whitfield, NMDOT Special Director will provide assistance and program communication for awardees. For initial inquiries please email amy.whitfield@dot.nm.gov