Chandelle Sisneros Appointed to NMDOT State Transportation Commission

Nov 17, 2023 | Press Release

Appointed to District One Seat in Southwest New Mexico

On Thursday, November 16, 2023, Chandelle Sisneros was sworn-in as the new District One Commissioner for the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) State Transportation Commission.

Commissioner Sisneros brings a unique perspective to the NMDOT as the newly appointed District One Commissioner. She has deep roots in the NMDOT as well as the community of Las Cruces.

Her father, grandfather, and great grandfather all worked for the Department of Transportation. Early in her educational career she pursued a degree in Engineering, however later transitioned to elementary education and is now a 3rd grade elementary teacher. 

Commissioner Sisneros holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from New Mexico State University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Higher Education Administration at her alma mater.

“I am honored to serve as a commissioner on the State Transportation Commission,” said Commissioner Sisneros. “My commitment to education and community development directly reflects my dedication to enhancing the quality of life in New Mexico. I hope to continue this commitment through improved transportation infrastructure and services.”

About the State Transportation Commission

The Transportation Commission sets department policy and oversees the use of the State Road Fund. As an oversight group, each of the commissioners bring unique private industry experiences that provide department managers with insight and expertise for the betterment of New Mexico’s transportation system. The six-member, governor-appointed STC determines policy for the NMDOT.  One commissioner is appointed to represent each district. New Mexico Department of Transportation holds six commission meetings each year. One is held in each of the six department districts. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, and each serves a regional area of the state.