NMDOT Opens new Port of Entry facility in Raton, New Mexico

Nov 16, 2023 | Press Release

On November 16, 2023 the NMDOT celebrated the opening of a new Port of Entry facility in Raton, NM.

Raton – This facility was designed with a modern feel to accentuate the natural landscape and provide a connection of view with the scenery from the scale room and driver’s area.  Scales were updated from a single axle to a full scale and an elevated walkway was added, so that staff could speak with the drivers and review necessary information. Zero-scape landscaping was also incorporated around the facility to intermingling the building and the surrounding landscape.

After an evaluation and cost benefit analysis of renovating the prior facility, it was determined it was not cost-effective for the dated building.  The decision to build a new facility instead of renovation,  allowed NMDOT to expand the size of the facility and better accommodate the ever-changing technology that NMDOT and NMDPS need to serve the trucking industry.

The new facility cost was $3,987,132.42 and only state funds were utilized for this project.

Click to see a short YouTube video that was taken during the construction. https://youtu.be/XWMbNL1ZDhY?si=39OYO0SgZ2z4z5Gj