NMDOT to Unveil Winter ENDWI Campaign

Nov 13, 2023 | Press Release

“Take a Ride on Us” Partnership Program Celebrates Milestone of 40K Rides

ENDWI Campaign

The New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Traffic Safety Division (NMDOT-TSD) is releasing a winter ENDWI campaign. The campaign will include television, radio, billboard, digital advertising, and social media promotions.

“The ENDWI campaign has worked tirelessly to reduce the number of drunk driving related crashes and fatalities by promoting designated drivers, safe rides, and responsible alcohol consumption,” said Transportation Secretary Ricky Serna. “The current preliminary data shows that New Mexico is making l strides in reducing alcohol related crashes and fatalities.” 

News Conference

The media is invited to attend an in-person news conference Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 1 p.m. inside the NMDOT District 3 auditorium. Guests will view the new commercial spots, kick off winter enforcement, Celebrate the 40K ride milestone, via our safe ride partnership program and discuss the decrease in DWI related fatalities and related accidents.

Speakers include NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Ricky Serna, New Mexico State Police Major Alex Rodriquez and Jeff Berry Vice President and Marketing Manager for Cumulus Media (Take a Ride on Us partner).

Representatives from the surrounding law enforcement agencies, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and Safer New Mexico Now will also be in attendance.

Law Enforcement Partnership

During the news conference the New Mexico State Police Department will discuss enforcement around the holidays to include additional checkpoints and saturation patrols across the state.

DWI Stats

In 2022, New Mexico witnessed 154 fatalities in alcohol-related crashes. These alcohol-related fatalities comprised 37% of all fatal crashes in the state. During the same year, there were a total of 2,233 crashes involving alcohol. Among these crashes, 945 individuals sustained injuries. Law enforcement made 8,329 DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) arrests in 2022.

During 2022, there were a total of 2,233 crashes involving alcohol, 945 individuals sustained injuries.

‘Take a Ride on Us’ Collaborative DWI Prevention

In 2017, the NMDOT-TSD partnered with Cumulus Media’s radio stations and UBER to create the ‘Take a Ride on Us’ program. Today, the partnership has grown to include Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Services, Sandoval County DWI Planning and other corporate sponsors. To date has provided 40,620 safe rides home to New Mexicans living in the Albuquerque metro area who choose not to drink and drive.  This is a monumental milestone for the collaborative DWI prevention partnership!