NMDOT will remove all signs posted on state road rights-of way

Oct 25, 2023 | Press Release

ROSWELL – The New Mexico Department of Transportation would like to remind New Mexicans, political candidates, and vendors that state law prohibits any person from placing, maintaining, or displaying any unauthorized signs upon any state right-of-way.

Especially during election years, signs are often posted on medians and roadsides. New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law 66-7-108, under the title “Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals and Markings,” states specifically that no political sign postings are allowed on state-maintained rights-of-way, which are typically defined by fencing on rural routes and to the back of the curb on urban routes.

Signs that encroach on the right-of-way, including signs mounted to the fencing or signs/signal support posts, will be removed.

NMDOT maintenance patrols are specifically instructed to remove all signs, political or otherwise, that have been illegally placed.  The department does not discriminate when removing signs. Any item that impedes the roadway or right-of-way can be considered a safety issue to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

If anyone believes their signs have been removed and collected from a state road right-of-way by the NMDOT, they are welcome to contact their local NMDOT district office to collect the signs at an agreed-upon time and district location within two weeks.

The department does not guarantee the NMDOT will have the signs nor that they will be maintained in their original condition.

Questions can be directed to any NMDOT district office.