NMDOT crews address potholes along state roadways

Mar 28, 2023 | Press Release

Springs storms create ideal conditions for potholes

SANTA FE – The abundance of rain and snow this spring, which is typically welcome news following our years of drought, has created ideal conditions for potholes along New Mexico Roadways.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) maintains more than 29,180 miles of state highways. This wet and icy spring, including this week’s storms, created conditions that keep our highway crews very busy with roadway repairs.

Roadway damage including potholes can occur quickly as moisture seeps into cracks within the pavement and accompanied by freezing overnight temperatures and heavy non-stop traffic, parts of the pavement break away to create potholes. Weather conditions also impede NMDOT crews’ repairs as low temperatures prevent the aggregate materials used for pothole patching from properly adhering.

Nevertheless, NMDOT crews regularly examine state highways for potholes and address them as quickly as possible, making short-term patches followed by longer-term repairs as conditions allow. Crews will also respond when motorists report potholes and other pavement damage, focusing on the most serious problems first.  You can report pavement issues at www.nmroads.com or at www.dot.nm.gov under “Contact Us.”

As always, the NMDOT recommends you respect construction zones and follow traffic signage. While roadway repairs continue, you can help by slowing down on highways affected by storm-related potholes. Reducing speed, staying alert, and not tailgating will help you see and avoid potholes.

Permanent repairs will continue as the weather permits. The NMDOT is committed to the safety of the traveling public and appreciates your cooperation with all roadway repairs.

Any damage caused to your vehicle from potholes should be submitted as a claim within 90 days to Aaron Peinado at aaron.peinado@dot.nm.gov. The claim form is available on the General Services website, www.generalservices.state.nm.us, under the Risk Management tab (Tort Notice of Claim). Please note that claims will be reviewed to determine eligibility for coverage.

For more information on road conditions, please visit www.nmroads.com or call 511.