Public Invited to Comment on Projects
State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Feb 16, 2023 | Press Release

SANTA FEThe Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is created through a cooperative and comprehensive process that incorporates federally required Performance Measures (PMs), the seven National Planning Goals, and aligns with the NMDOT’s Long Range Planning document to choose projects that support the vision of the Department and address the multimodal needs of New Mexico’s transportation customers.  

The NMDOT’s six-year transportation preservation and capital improvement program contain multi-modal transportation projects that use federal, state, local, and private transportation funds. It includes projects of regional significance (projects with high public interest or air quality impacts) and projects in the National Parks, National Forests, and Indian Reservations.  

NMDOT strives to keep the public informed and cares about your questions and concerns. The STIP is amended quarterly and always open for viewing on the NMDOT website. The public is welcome to review the list of proposed projects and post comments. 

The sixth Formal Amendment to the 2022-2027 STIP is posted here and is open for public comment until Friday March 17, 2023. NMDOT STIP personnel will take comments via the eSTIP Amendment tab, by project. To access the list of projects included in the Amendment, click on the “Amendments” Tab then click on the “View Details” section for each one of the NMDOT Districts. 

To comment, click on any of the control numbers:  

Click on the “Comment on this Project” which will pull up an email box where you can send your comments. 

Please direct any questions to Jolene Herrera, STIP Bureau Chief, at .