ALBUQUERQUE – Beginning Monday, March 14 New Mexicans will see a new safe driving campaign created by the New Mexico Department of Transportation and local creative agency RK Venture.  The messaging will continue the ‘My Story’ campaign targeting endwi to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day.

Part one of the ‘My Story’ series ran this winter showing the consequences of drinking and driving during a time when people were gathering to celebrate. Told as a confessional from a distraught driver’s point of view, the driver reflects on his disastrous decisions made behind the wheel.

The second part of the ‘My Story’ series picks up where the confessional left off. In the new spring campaign shot with a local cast and crew in Albuquerque, the heartbreaking story is told from a mother’s point of view after her child is killed in a drunk driving crash.

This version of ‘My Story’ is currently running on radio in English and Spanish. In addition, versions of the spot are online via YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Attached you will find St. Patrick’s Day drunk driving statistics and samples of the radio and social media spot.