AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions

The AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions is an educational program designed for use in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classes. The STEM program has modules which engage students in solving real-world problems while connecting them to the work world of transportation. STEM Outreach Solutions improves work force diversity which helps to resolve one of the most pressing problems faced by the transportation today: a critical shortage of civil engineers.

AASHTO educators providing customized training for the STEM Solutions Program, utilizing the Bridge Builder Module.

Transportation & Civil Engineers for Tomorrow

‘AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions Program’

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Help launch a new NMDOT initiative to educate and attract future transportation professionals through a hands-on learning program at New Mexico high schools: the AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions program. NMDOT will implement the STEM Outreach Solutions program at several high schools in New Mexico. The STEM Outreach Solutions program curriculum supports national Common Core standards and is designed for use in science, technology, engineering, and math courses. NMDOT engineers and staff can offer their support in the classrooms by demonstrating how the STEM Outreach Solutions program activities work, helping with the projects, and providing role models who can answer questions about transportation careers.  Their involvement and leadership can help students understand the connections between concepts learned in the classroom and how those concepts are applied in practice.

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